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Welcome to Sleep Solutions

Each night, millions of Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder struggle to get good sleep. Unfortunately, these serious diseases commonly go untreated due to lack of information or lack of viable treatment options. Often, patients are put off by treatment options that involve surgery, loud machines, or wearing uncomfortable masks while trying to get much needed rest. For more information on sleep disorders and their treatments, please feel free to use our website as a large online resource, or call our office at (631) 724-4664.

Do you suffer from a sleep disorder?

Dr. Richard Hamburg and his staff at Sleep Solutions provide specialty care for patients who are unnecessarily suffering from snoring, sleep apnea, and other common ailments such as teeth grinding. If you or a loved one has trouble sleeping, it may be time to consult a professional: we will ensure that your visit is always easy, comfortable, and informative.

We can help you say goodbye to those sleepless nights and rest comfortably with non-invasive, effective, and affordable treatment. Our primary office is conveniently located in the historic town of Smithtown in Long Island, New York.

Oral Appliances and CPAP Alternatives

The CPAP mask has long been heralded as an effective solution to Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but its users often complain about the discomfort of adjusting to sleeping with the device. While there are many oral appliances that offer a more comfortable alternative to the mask, Dr. Hamburg has developed a custom solution in a new oral appliance called NuSleep.

To learn more about the NuSleep oral appliance, please watch the above video, visit their website, or contact our office.

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